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Unformatted text preview: at people whose mothers were undernourished while pregnant had a significantly increased risk of major affective disorders, such as mania and depression (/topic s /depres s /index .as px ) , severe enough to require hospitalization (American Journal of Psychiatry, 2000). Other researchers have shown that adverse events during pregnancy, including infections, toxin exposure and maternal stress, can boost the fetus's future risk of problems such as depression, anxiety (/topic s /anx iety /index .as px ) , autism ( /topic s /autis m/index .as px ) , mood di sorders and attenti on­defi ci t hyperacti vi ty di sorder. Events i n earl y chi l dhood are al so linked to persistent mental health problems. Childhood maltreatment, for example, increases the odds of developing depression or post­traumatic stress disorder in adulthood. Now, researchers are finally beginning to understand the biological processes that underlie these links—findings that could point to new directions in treatment for mental illness and behavior disorders, and may even suggest routes to prevention....
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