Virions infect nerve ending why is there no gene

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Unformatted text preview: ocaKon of viral pepKdes into endoplasmic reKculum –  This prevents the display of viral proteins on MHC class I, prevenKng host cell immune responses Herpes Simplex Virus Establishes Latent InfecKon in Neurons •  Latency is the hallmark of herpesviruses •  Is HSV1 ­2 Latency is established in Neurons Establishing Latency •  Progeny Virions infect nerve ending •  •  Why is there no gene expression in Neurons? Tegument protein VP16 is required for α gene transcripKon •  •  Neurons acKvely repress transcripKon via HCF ­1, which is VP16 binds to Viral Genome is Silent, except Latency Associated Transcripts –  Capsids are Retrograde transported along axon into the cell bodies of dorsal root neurons –  Genome is injected into nucleous and is circularised. However transcripKon is repressed and DNA is not replicated –  Because of the large distance between infecKon site and cell nucleous very licle VP16 makes it to the nucleus –  TranscripKon is not acKvated Viral ReacKvaKon •  Viral replicaKon in neurons can be induced by local or systemic stress •  Low level of viral transcripts lead to low level formaKon of progeny virions •  Transported along axon to mucosal site were virus can replicate •  Leads to appearance of local lesions Epstein ­Barr Virus (EBV) •  Epstein ­Barr Virus is an important pathogen –  95% of the adult populaKon is infected –  Discovered in lymphomas in African children •  Largely asymptomaKc or unrecognised •  EBV is linked to: –  Burkic’s Lymphoma –  InfecKous mononucleosis (Glandular fever) –  Hodgkin’s Lymphona Method of Spread and Latency •  Transmission: EBV transiently replicates in epithelial cells of the oral mucosa, releasing virus in saliv...
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