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Ci binds or3 inhibigng ci expression 35 10 or3 ci

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Unformatted text preview: nto single genome lengths during head packaging 1 T7 genome 150bp terminal repeats Concatermer λ (Lambda) •  Siphoviridae •  dsDNA •  40 ­60kbp •  ssDNA extenGon (Cohesive ends) •  Temperate bacteriophage •  Lysogenic phase •  Icosahedral Head •  63nm diameter •  Tube like tail •  135nm long •  non ­contracGle •  Receptor – sugar transport proteins LamB (maltose trasporter) Ross Inman, University of Wisconsin, Madison Lysis vs Lysogeny v Lysis s Lysogeny Induction of prophage Controlling λ lytic transcription program cIII N cI cro cII O P Q tL1 PL PR NUTR NUTL +N  ­N tR1  ­N +N N = anBterminator Q S R Rz Nu1 A PR1 tR1  ­Q +Q Long Transcript encoding LyBc genes Establishing Lysogeny RNA polymerase binds acBvaBng cI expression establishing lysogeny cI cI mRNA PR OR3  ­10  ­35 PRM CI repressor OR2  ­35 OR1 ­ 10 cro mRNA cro cI Activation inhibit PR and PL Expression cI binds PL inhibiGng transcripGon OL2  ­35 OL3 cI binds OR3 inhibiGng cI expression  ­35  ­10 OR3 cI Repress...
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