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Unformatted text preview: contracGle •  Fibers T7 - Podoviridae •  Naked icosahedral capsid •  60nm •  Short Tail and Tail fibers •  LyGc, No lysogeny •  Linear dsDNA genome, 40kbp •  56 genes •  59 proteins •  150bp terminal repeats •  Phage receptor  ­ LPS Tarly TranscripGonal Promoters 7 Genome Class I E Class II Middle Promoter II Late Class I Terminator TranscripGonal Promoters Early TerminaGon TranscripGonal Promoters Middle Class I: Early Genes Class II: DNA metabolism Class III: Virion structure and Assembly •  Genes are organised in logical order by both funcGon and Gming in lifecycle •  Class I: Host take over •  Class II: Phage DNA replicaGon •  Class III: DNA maturaGon and packaging •  TranscripGon order occurs let to right T7 DNA injection is powered by transcription OM PG IM phage DNA E.coli RNA pol mRNA Ribosomes T7 RNA polymerase •  E.coli RNA polymerase can transcribe from Class I promoters but not Class II or Class III promoter •  DNA entry proceeds unGl Class II promoters are reached •  One of the Class I gene encodes T7 RNA polymerase (monomeric, 1...
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