Respiration Question Set 3 (Revised)


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Unformatted text preview: xtra‐alveolar; longitudinal stretch e) None of the above is true, resistance decreases due less distension of pulmonary tissue. 4) Which of the following would lead to a decrease in resistance in the pulmonary circulation? a) Endothelial release of nitric oxide. b) Lack of ventilation in a significant amount of acini. c) A decrease in the cardiac output. d) Holding breathe above functional residual capacity. e) None of the above. Type B Multiple Choice: More than one choice may be correct. Select the correct combination of choices according to the pattern below: 1) a, b, and c 2) a and c 3) b and d 4) d 5) All OR none of the above 5) Which of the following statements are correct about the pulmonary circulation? a) Experiences much lower pressure than systemic circulation b) Resistance is much lower than systemic circulatory resistance c) Resistance can be decreased by recruiting vessels d) The flow in the pulmonary artery is the same as that of the aorta 6) An individual who is standing...
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