Respiration Question Set 3 (Revised)


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Unformatted text preview: up has what relationship between ventilation and perfusion throughout their lungs? a) Ventilation and perfusion are matched very well throughout the lungs. b) Alveoli in the inferior portions of the lungs have a greater supply of air than elsewhere. c) Gravity affects ventilation more strongly than it does the perfusion of blood. d) Blood flow is disproportionally greater than ventilation near the bottom of the lungs. Short Answer 7) A patient’s pulmonary edema is assessed by a brief bout of exercise. Their interstitial space is known to be thicker than normal due to the condition, and exercise increases the speed of blood in his alveolar capillary beds. Explain what the immediate consequence would be for arterial carbon dioxide and oxygen, and why. 8) At what point of the lungs might one expect the blood flow to depend solely on the difference in arterial and venous pressure of the pulmonary circulation, and not on the alveolar pressure. 9) Briefly explain why ventilation is greater at lower regions of the lungs. 10) An individual is experiencing right ventricular tachycardia, reducing pulmonary arterial pressure. How might this affect West’s “Zone 1”?...
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