Assignment 1A - Caitlin Wood Advertising and Promotion...

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Caitlin Wood Advertising and Promotion Prof. Johnson Assignment 1A Dior Diorshow Mascara, Glamour, October 2007: In my humble opinion, this ad is one that I would consider to be a “bad ad”. The first thing my eye was drawn to was the close up of the raccoon style makeup. Of course her eyelashes look amazing, full, long, curled, and obviously fake. However my first though upon seeing her eyes was, “Oh my goodness who wears their makeup like that!” I understand that it does say “Catwalk inspired Make-up” and the specific brand of Diorshow mascara in this ad is named “Backstage”, but isn’t Dior trying to market to the average Glamour reader? I am not a model, I do not walk a catwalk, and I would never wear my make up this way. Also the eyes in the close-up are joined by an equally hideous pair of eyebrows. The only way to describe them is thick, Brooke Shields style. Another less superficial problem I have with this ad is that the other model in this picture is wearing sunglasses. You cannot even see her eyes, and is not this the whole point of mascara? -Who do you think the advertiser is trying to sell the product to and why? Because of its placement in Glamour Magazine, I believe Dior is trying to market to the young adult up through the middle aged woman. One who has a sense of style and recognizes the Dior name, and possibly is looking for this over done look. -What in the ad helps you come to this conclusion? The way Dior uses their name in the ad helps lead me to this conclusion. It does not explain that Dior is designer, or high quality. It is meant to be understood. Also the model is a young stylish woman.
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Assignment 1A - Caitlin Wood Advertising and Promotion...

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