essay - Alyssa Adams The Qin dynasty (221-206BC) was the...

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Alyssa Adams The Qin dynasty (221-206BC) was the first to unify China. Although the Qin dynasty only lasted about 15 years its impact on Chinese culture was great. The feudal system was introduced and became a central feature of imperial China. Weights and measures, currency, and the written language were all standardized, setting the stage for lasting economic cohesion. Huge infrastructure projects were completed, including a road system and an early version of the Great Wall. The Han dynasty (206BC-220AD) was the country’s first real imperial dynasty. Its founder, Liu Bang/Han Gaozu, introduced Confucianism as the new social/political idea that would influence every aspect of Han life. Through such practices, the Han sought to expand China territorially, economically, intellectually and culturally. The foreign influence brought about by the Silk Road played the most prominent role in shaping the country once it became frequented during this dynasty. It was originally opened to allow trade in tea, spices and silk, with India, areas of western Asia, and even Rome. This led to one of the most notable changes in early Chinese society because it paved the way for Buddhism to be introduced by nearby India. It soon became one of the most dominant religions in China. There are many today who still refer to themselves as “Han Chinese” because of that dynasty’s huge impact on the country, but when such a large aspect of that impact came from India’s influence, it doesn’t seem quite as accurate a label anymore. During the Tang dynasty (618-907), one could argue that the Chinese culture reached its most sophisticated height because it was a time of newer ideas in literature, music, art and agriculture. This dynasty encouraged trade very highly and, therefore, accepted many
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essay - Alyssa Adams The Qin dynasty (221-206BC) was the...

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