Class 1 - 316 Intro (and Historical Moments if Kinsey in Class 2)

Racismmustbe acknowledgedandresistedinnorth

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Unformatted text preview: ive asserts that discrimination and inequality based on ‘race’ and ethnicity exists in many overt and subtle ways; both historically and today. Racism must be acknowledged and resisted. In North American ‘whiteness’ is taken as then norm and the sexual agency of people of colour is undermined Perspectives Con’t Perspectives Con’t Sex­Plural This perspective assumes the fluidity and diversity of human sexuality, including homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, queer, asexual, and celibate identities and practices. It rejects an essentialist view of sexuality; hence the ‘naturalness’ of heterosexuality and the ‘deviance’ of homosexuality. Sex pluralists are committed to ending homophobia and heterosexism. Perspectives Con’t Perspectives Con’t Pro­Sex This perspective seeks to critically celebrate a variety of sexual identities and practices. There is nothing inherently ‘dirty’ or shameful about human sexuality and the human body. Pro­sex folk are committed to exploring openly and honestly a range of sexual practices without judgement or condemnation. Historical Moments and Ideas Historical Moments and Ideas Christianity in the Middle Ages Madonna/Whore Mind/Body The Roaring 20’s Companionate Marriage Thinking Critically About Sexuality Thinking Critically About Sexuality Why is it so important to do this? If time: Tuskegee...
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