Lecture 7 Practical Considerations

G sugar pill saline injecon or treatment used to

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Unformatted text preview: orm par+cipants of the purpose of the study   Placebo Effects  ­ Physical or emo+onal change resul+ng from a person’s expecta8on of change ◦  Placebo Control Group (Single Blind Study) – Group who receives an inert substance (e.g., sugar pill, saline injec+on) or treatment. Used to control for the placebo effect 3 5/22/13 Experimenter Expecta8ons   Experimenter Bias  ­ any influence that the experimenter exerts on par+cipants to support the hypothesis under inves+ga+on ◦  Experimenter may actually treat par+cipants differently according to expecta+ons about how par+cipants should perform ◦  Experimenter may be biased in the way that s/he records and interprets the behaviours of par+cipants   Double Blind Study – neither the experimenter nor the par+cipant knows the par+cipants condi+on assignment. Controls for both the placebo effect and experimenter bias   Pilot Study - a trial run of the experiment with a small number of participants   Manipulation Check - an attempt to directly measure whether the manipulation of the independent variable had its intended effect ◦  A manipulation check during a pilot study may save the experimenter the expense of running an experiment that won’t work ◦  A manipulation check during the experiment can help the experimenter determine whether a failure to find an effect (of the IV on the DV) is due to a problem with the manipulation of the IV rather than to a real lack of an effect of the IV on the DV 4...
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