Lecture 9

A b c d e independent groupsrepeated measures repeated

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Unformatted text preview:   b.  c.  d.  e.  independent groups/repeated measures repeated measures/independent groups repeated measures/matched pairs independent groups/matched pairs b and c Independent Variable – 3 Levels Dependent Variable Group/ Condition 1 Measure Group/ Condition 2 Measure Group/ Condition 3 Measure Participants   Why do people get married? Why do people go to University?   Behaviour is complex (there is no ‘magic bullet’) so to beIer understand it our experiments need to be complex   Factorial Designs contain more than one IV ◦  Two Factor Design – contains 2 IVs ◦  Higher Order Factorial Design – contains more than 2 IVs 2 5/29/13   Two ­Factor Designs ◦  2 x 2 Designs   Two IVs, each with two levels ◦  2 x 3 Designs   Two IVs, one with two levels and the other with three levels ◦  3 x 3 Designs   Two IVs, each with three levels   Higher ­Order Factorial Designs ◦  2 x 2 x 2 Design   Three IVs, e...
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