Lecture 9

G illumina9on depends on the level of the other iv eg

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Unformatted text preview: and women perform beIer in the lab than in the field. 11 Overall the older people performed the same as the younger people and overall people performed equally well in the lab as they did in the field 12 4 5/29/13 When the effect of one IV (e.g., illumina9on) depends on the level of the other IV (e.g., visual imagery) 95 110 95 125 When the lines in a line graph are not parallel to each other then there is an interac9on 130 Heart Rate (bpm) 120 110 100 90 Lights On 80 Lights Off 70 60 Neutral Scary Visual Imagery The IV has an effect at one level of the other IV. At the other level, there is either no effect (top graph) or the effect is much weaker (boIom graph) 5 5/29/13 Pregnant women performed as well as non ­ pregnant women in the laboratory environment but they performed worse than non ­pregnant women in the field There are no main effects of either IV and the effects of each IV are opposite at...
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