Interaction 6 52913 the effects of each iv at each

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Unformatted text preview: the different levels of the other IV Prospective Memory Performance 70 60 50 Lab Task 40 Field Task 30 20 10 0 Young   Age Old Crossover Interaction ◦  No main effects but an interaction   Spreading Interaction ◦  1 main effect and an interaction ◦  2 main effects and an interaction   No Interaction ◦  No main effects and no interaction ◦  1 main effect and no interaction ◦  2 main effects and no interaction 6 5/29/13 The effects of each IV at each level of the other IV   Need to be assessed whenever an interaction is discovered 65 25 25 65 19 77 78 70 45 • There is no effect of pregnancy in...
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