Calculatethebuiltinpotentialof thisjunction 3

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Unformatted text preview: formed between a p‐type Si with a doping concentration of 1016 cm‐3 and an n‐type Si with a doping concentration of 1017 cm‐3. Calculate the built‐in potential of this junction. 3. (2 points) An ideal Si p‐n junction has a current of 0.1 mA when it is under a forward bias of 0.2 V. What should the forward bias be if we want to achieve a current of 1 mA (i.e. 10 times or a decade higher than the previous current)? 4. (3 points) A metal‐semiconductor is formed between aluminum and p‐Si. The work function of aluminum is 4.3 eV. The electron affinity of Si is 4.05 eV. The doping concentration in p‐Si is 1017 cm‐3. (1) Calculate the built‐in potential across this Al/p‐Si contact, and the hole injection barrier height from Al to p‐Si. (2) Draw the equilibrium band diagram, and describe two different ways to modify this metal/semiconductor contact to make it an Ohmic contact....
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