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entropy balance open system flow systems ideal gas 4

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Unformatted text preview: stems) ideal gas (4) equation reduced pressure reduced temp. Second Law Relations 2 2 Q S T b 1 m es e m i s i e i j Qj Tj q s T int rev 1 cv dScv dt dm cv dt reversible, isothermal process (very useful) Q dS j Clausius inequality (cycle dt j Tj entropy production) δQ T b -σ 0 e e PROPERTY RELATIONS FOR ME 200 Pressure, Temperature and Energy Relations pabs p atm p gage p patm gL mV v pV nRT pV mRT RR M pR p / pc TR T / Tc v R v p c / RTc x m g /(m f m g ) (last two lines) u cdT incompressible u(T,p) u f (T) liquids ideal gas entropy change with variable specific heat i i h u Pv (5) m - m = mV v m=ρVA function of reduced P and T Pv ZRT k C p /C v y (1 x ) y f xy g y f xy fg y fg y g y f ideal u c v dT h c p dT Cp - C v R gas h u vp h(T,p) h f (T)+vf (T)[p - psat (T)] v(T,p) vf (T) s(T,p) sf (T) Entropy Relations (and Isentropic Processes) Tds du pdv T v s cv ln 2 R ln 2 T1 v1 Tds dh vdp T p s c p ln 2 R ln 2 T1 p1 o s s o s1 R ln(p 2 / p1 ) 2 s c ln(T2 / T1 ) T2 / T1 p 2...
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