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Processes tds du pdv t v s cv ln 2 r ln 2 t1 v1 tds

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Unformatted text preview: / p1 (last line) ideal gas + isentropic ( k 1) / k v 1 / v 2 k 1 Cp and Cv different for ideal gas For liquids Cp = Cv = C p 2 / p1 s p r 2 / p r1 v 2 / v1 s ideal gas entropy change with constant Cp or Cv incompressible liquid entropy change v r 2 / v r1 pr and vr for variable EFFICIENCY AND CYCLE RELATIONS FOR ME 200 specific heats isentropic efficiency (6) Device Efficiencies and Cycle Analyses turbine, wact < wisen wact = hin - hout,act turbine w act w isen compressor pump w isen w act compressor, wisen < wact wisen = hin - hout,isen wpump W Q Q (second line) BWR ηth = net,out COPHP = out COPR = in wturbine Qin Wnet,in Wnet,in cycle performance parameter reversible TC Q C T T T COPHP,rev = H ηth,rev =1- C COPR,rev = C and irreversible TH Q H rev TH -TC TH TH -TC cycles (last line) cycle performance parameter reversible cycles only...
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