Basic Animal Behavior

Utilita r ia nism is ba sed on the ends justify the

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Unformatted text preview: S & a nima ls HAVE r ights. Utilita r ia nism is ba sed on the ' Ends Justify the Mea ns' , how c a n tha t be useful? And, a nima ls ha ve EQUAL utility to huma ns, a nything less is Spec iesism - The ter m, fir st defined by philosopher Peter Singer , used to desc r ibe a bia s fa vor ing the inter ests of one spec ies over the inter ests of a nother - simila r to r a c ism & sexism. So utilita r ia nism F AILS a nd a nima ls DO ha ve r ights. c ) Inher ent Va lue - the suppor ter s of the Rights view believe tha t a nima ls, a s a ll life, ha s a n inher ent va lue a nd a ttempts to limit these r ights to huma ns is r a tiona lly defec tive. Ca n a nima ls suffer ? d) Wha t is a Right? - Must the possessor of a r ight be a ble to ' exper ienc e' tha t r ight? Is it tha t the possessor of a r ight MUST be a n entity whic h c a n logic a lly be spoken of in suc h la ngua ge? Is a n a nima l, though c a pa ble of sensa tion, c onsc iousness a nd suffer ing, nec essa r ily c a pa ble of exer c ising, owning or enjoying a r ight? a nima lsc ie nc e 2.uc da vis.e du/a ns1/ha ndouts/be ha vior .html 2/2...
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