Basic Animal Behavior

Hy inc luding displa ys of a ggr ession or submission

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Unformatted text preview: c hy, inc luding displa ys of a ggr ession or submission; fight over food, spa c e, ma tes; huma n tr ea tment = de- hor n, c a str a te or c ull Abnor ma l B eha vior - deser tion of young, c a nniba lism, c hewing wood, r oc ks or meta l, pa c ing; often a bnor ma l beha vior is just a n exa gger a tion of other wise nor ma l beha vior 2 ) An i ma l W e l fa r e a n d An i ma l R i g h t s a ) Anima l Welfa r e: the c onc er n tha t a nima ls a r e pr oper ly & huma nely c a r ed for (Soc iety for the Pr evention of Cr uelty to Anima ls); Anima l Rights: the belief tha t a nima ls ha ve r ights on a pa r with huma n r ights & tha t c hief a mong these is the r ight to not be ea ten (People for the Ethic a l Tr ea tment of Anima ls). Ta r gets of the a nima l welfa r e a nd r ights movements a r e the c ommer c ia l a nima l industr ies, the hunting & spor t industr ies a nd the sc ientific c ommunity. b) Or igins of a nima l exploita tion: subsistenc e hunting by our a nc estor s ta ming & domestic a tion of a nima ls for food, fiber & power Judeo- Chr istia n ethic biologic a l motiva tion to domina te a nima lsc ie nc e 2.uc da vis.e du/a ns1/ha ndouts/be ha vior .html 1/2 10/2/13 Ba sic Anima l Be ha vior c ) F a c tor s tha t influenc e our feelings of mor a l r esponsibility: self- a wa r eness & identific a tion with a nima ls soc ia l feedba c k fr om a nima ls fa milia r ity with a pa r tic ula r spec ies investment in time, emotions a nd money a esthetic va lue of the a nima l or spec ies r ela tive a bunda nc e of the spec ies d) Questions of a beha vior a l na tur e with impa c ts on a nima l welfa r e a nd a nima l r ights Do a nima ls ha ve minima l r equir ements for stimul...
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