Basic Dairy Cattle Biology

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Unformatted text preview: i o n - Holstein (95. 2%), Jer sey (3. 2%), Guer nsey (. 6%), B r own Swiss (. 2%), Ayshir e (. 1%) Holstein- F r iesia n: B IG (1400 lb c ow), high milk pr oduc tion (over 16, 000 lbs), low milk fa t (3. 6%) Jer sey: sma ll (1000 lb c ow), low milk pr oduc tion (10, 000 lbs), high fa t (4. 8%) Guer nsey: a ver a ge milk - 12, 000 lbs, 4. 67% fa t, ‘ Golden Guer nsey Milk’ (yellow milk fa t) B r own Swiss: dua l pur pose, B IG (1400 lb) c ow with a ver a ge 13, 000 lbs milk a nd 4. 1% fa t Ayr shir e: Up- tur n hor ns, with a ver a ge 12, 500 lb milk a nd 3. 9% fa t. B r eeding Objec tives: Holsteins domina te bec a use the pr inc ipa l br eeding objec tive is inc r ea sed milk pr oduc tion. B ulls used in AI a r e c ompa r ed on the ba sis of their da ughter ’ s milk pr oduc tion, with high milk bulls c osting mor e tha n a ver a ge bulls...
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