Basic Dairy Cattle Biology

Ca ttle like sheep a r e obliga te her bivor es a

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Unformatted text preview: umina nts. Ca ttle, like sheep, a r e obliga te her bivor es, a lthough they a r e nonselec tive gr a z er s with a denta l pa d instea d of top fr ont teeth. Ca ttle shed ‘ ba by’ teeth, r egur gita te a nd r e- c hew their food, using mic r oor ga nisms in the r umen to fer ment fibr ous pla nt ma ter ia l - pr oduc ing food ener gy a nd metha ne (to be belc hed) in the pr oc ess. d) La c ta tion: Remember - a c ow must give bir th to a c a lf befor e she c a n be milked; F r eshening: the beginning of milk pr oduc tion a t the bir th of a c a lf. On a ver a ge la c ta tion extends for 305 da ys, with a 60- da y dr y per iod. Idea lly a c ow fir st fr eshens on her 2- nd bir thda y a nd ea c h subsequent bir thda y for the next 4 or 5 yea r s. Cows a r e r e- br ed 80- 90 da ys into la c ta tion to begin the pr oc ess a ll over a ga in - this is a lso the pea k of mi...
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