Basic Dairy Cattle Biology

Ther e is a gr owing inter est in finding bulls with

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Unformatted text preview: (a vg semen - $12- 15/str a w). Ther e is a gr owing inter est in finding bulls with high milk pr otein per c ent, a s the empha sis on c heese pr oduc tion inc r ea ses. E . H e al t h an d D i se ase The most impor ta nt disea se for da ir ymen is ma stitis (infla mma tion of the udder ). Clinic a l ma stitis inc ludes the infec tion of the ma mma r y gla nd by ba c ter ia (pr inc ipa lly str eptoc oc c us a nd sta phyloc oc c us). Antibiotic tr ea tment is effec tive, but the milk must be disc a r ded until medic ine is c lea r ed fr om the gla nd. Milk fever is a nother c r itic a l meta bolic disea se lea ding to pa r a lysis in per ipa r tur ient c ows. As la c ta tion begins, the dema nd to move c a lc ium to the milk lea ds to dr a ma tic blood loss of c a lc ium, a miner a l needed for musc le c ontr a c tion. Tr ea tment is a quic k infusion of c a lc ium, but pr evention by pr oper...
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