Basic Beef Cattle Biology

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Unformatted text preview: pollution) a nd wa ter pollution. Other s a r e c onc er ned with over - gr a z ing by c a ttle on public la nds, a nd c a ttlemen c ontinue to a r gue for expa nded public gr a z ing r ights. Consumer s a r e a lso c onc er ned with va r ious food sa fety issues r ela ted to beef pr oduc tion(a lthough this is ha r dly a new topic - Upton Sinc la ir ’ s ‘ The Jungle’ wa s published in 1906): hor mone impla nts a nd other gr owth pr omota nts, sa lmonella infec tions of mea t, a ntibiotic feeding a nd the inc r ea se in a ntibiotic r esista nt str a ins of mic r obes. B eef a lso seems to be the most c ommonly c r itic iz ed industr y by a nima l r ights a dvoc a tes. a nima lsc ie nc e 2.uc da vis.e du/a ns1/ha ndouts/be e f _c a ttle .html 3/3...
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