Basic Digestive Systems

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Unformatted text preview: 8 to 24 4 Or ga n Hor se Rumen Stoma c h N onRumina nts 8 7. 57 Sma ll Intestine 10 9. 5 65 to 69 10 Cec um 1 to 1. 5 0. 95 to 1. 4 10 1 La r ge Intestine 9 to 11 8. 5 to 10. 4 25 to 40 5 to 6 28 to 30. 5 26. 5 to 28. 87 200 to 367 48 to 49 Tota l B a c k to The Digestive Pr oc ess Summa r y of Digestive System a nd Absor ption of N utr ients a nima lsc ie nc e 2.uc da vis.e du/a ns1/ha ndouts/dige stive _syste ms.html 3/5 10/2/13 Ba sic Dige stive Syste ms Digestive Juic e Enz yme/Sec r etion Ac tion/F unc tion Comment Loc a tion Mouth (sa liva r y gla nds) Sa liva Sa liva r y Amyla se Sa liva r y Ma lta se Of little impor ta nc e; Ac ts on Sta r c h/c ha nge none in r umina nts; to ma ltose sa liva a dds moistur e Ac ts on ma ltose/c ha nge to feed; sma ll to gluc ose a mount in poultr y Rumen & Retic ulum Mic r obes a c t on: pr otein/nonpr otein nitr ogen to for m essentia l a mino a c ids; sta r c h/suc r ose/c ellulose Synthesiz e essentia l for m vola tile fa tty a mino a c ids, B a c ids, metha ne, c a r bon vita mins, vita min K dioxide a nd hea t; fa t to for m fa tty a c ids a nd glyc er ol; glyc er ol to for m pr opionic a c id Oma sum Gr inds a nd squeez es feed/r emoves some liquid Stoma c h/Aboma sum in r umina nts/Avia n Ga str ic Juic e Pr oventr ic ulus Hydr oc hlor ic a c id Pepsin Rennin Ga str ic Lipa se Little digestive a c tion in the oma sum Stops a c tion of a myla se Ac ts on pr otein Ac ts on c a sein/c ur dles m ilk Ac ts on fa t/for ms fa tty a c ids a nd glyc er ol digestive juic es c ontinue to a c t on f eed Giz z a r d in Avia n Gr inds a nd mixes feed Sma ll Intestine (pa nc r ea s) Ac ts on pr oteins a nd a mino a c ids Ac ts on sta r...
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