Basic Digestive Systems

Anima ls will r umina te 6 to 8 times a da y spending

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Unformatted text preview: r e- c hewing. Anima ls will r umina te 6 to 8 times a da y spending 5 to 7 hour s in this a c tivity ea c h da y. (How might huma n soc iety be differ ent if we wer e r umina nts?) Rumen a nd r etic ulum a r e not sepa r a ted but ha ve differ ent func tions. The r etic ulum moves food into the r umen, into the oma sum or ba c k up the esopha gus. The r umen is filled with millions of ba c ter ia a nd pr otoz oa who live a na er obic a lly to digest c omplex c a r bohydr a tes (c ellulose a nd lignin - the fiber of pla nts) in a symbiotic r ela tionship between a nima l a nd one- c elled or ga nisms. B a c ter ia c a n a lso ma ke a mino a c ids a va ila ble for the a nima l, a llowing the feeding of N PN (non- pr otein nitr ogen). B a c ter ia a lso pr oduc e vita mins (B & K). Digested Ca r bohydr a tes - The pr inc ipa l pr oduc ts of Rumen F er menta tion a r e the Vola tile F a tty Ac ids: Ac etic , Pr opionic , B utyr ic , Isobutyr ic , Va ler ic , Isova ler ic - whic h a r e a bsor bed thr ough the r umen wa ll into the bloodstr ea m. As a n ener gy sour c e the VF A' s pr ovide a s muc h a s 50- 70% of the tota l ener gy needs of the a nima l. B a c ter ia l c ells pr ovide 5- 10% of ener gy needs, with 20- 30% fr om the enz yma tic br ea kd...
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