Basic Digestive Systems

Ha s little func tion exc ept in the hor se see below

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Unformatted text preview: found wher e the sma ll intestine joins the la r ge intestine. Ha s little func tion, exc ept in the hor se (see below). Wha t we c a ll the a ppendix is the c ec um. La r ge Intestine La r ger in dia meter a nd shor ter in length tha n the sma ll intestine. The pr inc ipa l func tion is to a bsor b wa ter , though some muc ous is a dded to the c hyme to a id pa ssa ge thr ough the r ec tum. F eed ma ter ia ls not digested or a bsor bed a r e c a lled fec es. Summa r y Ta ble of Digestive Systems & Absor ption of N utr ients D . Th e D i g e s t i v e P r o c e s s - N o n - R u mi n a n t s a nima lsc ie nc e 2.uc da vis.e du/a ns1/ha ndouts/dige stive _syste ms.html 2/5 10/2/13 Ba sic Dige stive Syste ms The N on- Rumina nt Stoma c h When feedstuffs enter the non- r umina nt stoma c h (or a boma sum of the r umina nt) ga str ic juic e begins to flow exc r eted fr om the stoma c h wa ll (whic h c onta ins . 2 to . 5% hydr oc hlor ic a c id). Stops the a c tion of a ny a myla ses a nd a s a bove the juic e c onta ins pepsin, r ennin a nd ga str ic lipa se. Pepsin - br ea ks pr oteins into simpler c ompounds. Rennin br ea ks down c a sein. Musc ula r wa lls of the stoma c h c hur n a nd squeez e feed. Although hor se stoma c h does not ha ve the sa me...
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