Basic Digestive Systems

Yet the pur pose of this piec e of a na tomy is not

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Unformatted text preview: of gr inding feedstuffs a nd r emoving wa ter . Yet, the pur pose of this piec e of a na tomy is not well under stood. The Aboma sum - The Tr ue Stoma c h - this ser ves the func tion of the single, simple stoma c h found in nonr umina nts. It is the site of a c id hydr olysis fr om ga str ic juic e. Ga str ic juic e - sec r eted by the stoma c h wa lls, c onta ining hydr oc hlor ic a c id, pepsin, r ennin a nd ga str ic lipa se. The Sma ll Intestine Pr inc ipa l site of a bsor ption. Pa r tia lly digested feed lea ves the stoma c h a s a n a c idic , semi- fluid, gr a y, pulpy ma ss c a lled c hyme. Chyme is then mixed with sec r etions in the sma ll intestine of 3 digestive juic es. Pa nc r ea tic Juic e - sec r eted by the pa nc r ea s a nd c onta ins tr ypsin, pa nc r ea tic a myla se, pa nc r ea tic lipa se a nd ma lta se. B ile - exc r eted fr om the liver ; a yellowish- gr een a lka line liquid; pr epa r es fa ts a nd fa tty a c ids for digestion a nd a bsor ption; stor ed in the ga ll bla dder (exc ept in the hor se) Intestina l Juic e - c onta ins peptida se, suc r a se, ma lta se a nd la c ta se for c a r bohydr a te & pr otein digestion Absor ption - the wa ll of the sma ll intestine is not smooth but c over ed with mic r osc opic villi to inc r ea se the sur fa c e a r ea a nd ma ximiz e a bsor ption of nutr ients Cec um The "blind gut",...
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