Basic Digestive Systems

G bur ning fa t oxida tion c ombina tion with oxygen

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Unformatted text preview: . g. , bur ning fa t Oxida tion - c ombina tion with oxygen, liter a lly "bur ning" (or liber a ting) ener gy Rumina nts: Anima ls with 1 stoma c h whic h ha s sever a l pa r ts; exa mples a r e sheep, c a ttle, goa ts N onr umina nts: Anima ls with a simple, 1 c ompa r tment stoma c h; exa mples a r e pigs, hor ses, dogs, huma ns Ta ble Of Digestive System Ca pa c ities C . Th e D i g e s t i v e P r o c e s s - R u mi n a n t s Mouth a nd Esopha gus c hewing - gr inding la r ge feed pa r tic les to sma ller ones for mor e effic ient digestion; with sa liva , whic h c onta ins enz ymes to a id in the br ea kdown of c a r bohydr a tes Rumina nts do N OT c hew food thor oughly, but swa llow quic kly for la ter c hewing; the tongue pla ys a n impor ta nt r ole in dir ec ting food to the esopha gus The Rumina nt Stoma c h The The The The Rumen Retic ulum Oma sum Aboma sum a nima lsc ie nc e 2.uc da vis.e du/a ns1/ha ndouts/dige stive _syste ms.html 1/5 10/2/13 Ba sic Dige stive Syste ms Solids r ema in in the r umen for ba c ter ia l fer menta tion, so tha t when the a nima l is "full", they lie down a nd r umina te - c ontents of the r umen a r e for c ed ba c k up thr ough the esopha gus for...
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