Basic Horse biology

After foa ling feed should be gr a dua lly inc r ea

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Unformatted text preview: foa ling. After foa ling feed should be gr a dua lly inc r ea sed to meet needs for milk pr oduc tion (feed to ga in . 25 to . 5 pounds per da y) a nd if the ma r e is to be r e- br ed tea sing c a n sta r t 7 da ys a fter foa ling. Tea sing: To detec t a ma r e in estr us they must be tea sed with a sta llion. This should be done ever y da y (or ever y other da y) if they a r e to be br ed. In tea sing, ma r e a nd sta llion a r e br ought together , with a fenc e or wa ll between them. Ca r e- ta ker s, ther e to obser ve for the signs of estr us in the ma r e, keep c lea r so a s not to be kic ked or str uc k by either ma r e or sta llion. As spr ing c ontinues, foa ls should be wor med a t 6- 8 weeks. Cr eep feeding c a n begin a t two weeks, but they will not a nima lsc ie nc e 2.uc da vis.e du/a ns1/ha ndouts/hor se s.html 1/3 10/12/13 Ba sic Hor se biology c onsume signific a nt a mounts. F oa ls a lso need immuniz a tions for teta nus, sleeping sic kness, str a ngles, influenz a a nd r hinopneumonitis a t 2- 4 months of a ge. Sta llions should be wor med a nd a s the br eeding sea son ends, semen qua lity should be eva lua ted. La c ta ting ma r es should be fed to ma inta in weight a nd body c ondit...
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