Basic Sheep Biology

Sheep shed ba by teeth r egur gita te a nd r e c hew

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Unformatted text preview: nt teeth. Sheep shed ‘ ba by’ teeth, r egur gita te a nd r e- c hew their food, using mic r oor ga nisms in the r umen to fer ment fibr ous pla nt ma ter ia l - pr oduc ing food ener gy a nd metha ne (to be belc hed) in the pr oc ess. d) Hor ns: Most domestic sheep a r e polled (without hor ns), with the exc eption of some Dor sets (both ma le a nd fema le a r e hor ned) a nd other minor br eeds (e. g. , Ja c ob sheep). C . B a s i c H u s b a n dr y a n d M a n a g e me n t a ) Extensive Systems: Ra nge floc ks r ea r ed on la r ge sec tions of la nd. Low input- low output systems, wher e singles a r e mor e desir a ble tha n twins. Gr a in is r a r ely if ever fed to ewes, feed being r estr ic ted to the gr a ss tha t gr ows on the r a nge. F ine wool sheep tend to be fa vor ed her e bec a use of their low twinning r a te, ha r dy c onstitution a nd na tur a l, str ong floc king instinc t. Just over 6 million sheep a r e r ea r ed in suc h systems in the US. b) Intensive Systems: F a r m floc ks, wher e a nima ls a r e r a ised on sma ller piec es of pr oper ty (higher number of sheep per a c r e tha n extensive systems), often with some suppl...
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