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6 million in 1987 the number owned per hor se owning

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Unformatted text preview: million in 1987). The number owned, per hor se- owning household, is 2. 54 hor ses, for a tota l popula tion of 4. 8 million, down fr om 6. 6 million in 1987. An estima ted 6. 7% of US households own ‘ other ’ pets: 24 million fish, 4. 6 million r a bbits, 1. 3 million ha mster s, a nd . 6 million ger bils. Of c our se ther e is a gr ea t dea l of over la p a c r oss households - 40% of dog- owning households own a c a t; 83% of hor se owning households a lso own a dog a nd 69% own a c a t. 2) Pet Ca r e a nd Veter ina r y Ser vic es In nea r ly 73% of pet- owning households, a fema le is the pr ima r y a nima l c a r eta ker . F ood expenditur es per a nima l per yea r a ver a ge: $115. 96 per dog; $70. 88 per c a t; $20. 36 per bir d a nd $ 204. 49 per hor se. Veter ina r y expenses per household per yea r a ver a ge: $131. 84 for dogs; $79. 75 for c a ts; $7. 60 for bir ds; $163. 23 for hor ses a nd $9. 05 for a ll other pets. 3) Owner ship Pr ofiles 73% of pa r ents a r e pet owner s, with 54% of c ouples a nd only 39% of singles owning pets. As household inc ome inc r ea ses, so too does household pet owner ship - only 47% of households with tota l inc omes below $12, 500 own pets; yet, in households of over $60, 000 ther e is 64% pet owner ship. Inter estingly, however , people a r e less likely to own pets a s their educ a tiona l level inc r ea ses. F or exa mple, 30% of pet owning households a r e hea ded by a ma le with a high sc hool diploma or less, a s c ompa r ed with only 11% of pet owning households hea ded by a ma le with a n a dva nc ed educ a tion beyond a ba c helor ’ s degr ee. One of the r isks of pet owner ship is disea se - her e is a r ec ent pa per in the jour na l "Amer ic a n F a mily Physic ia n" on pet- r ela ted infec tions (Pet- Rela ted Infec tions). I thought you might like to see Ta ble 1. Don' t wor r y though - I will not be a sking exa m questions fr...
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