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Unformatted text preview: YG2 (74. 4 - 78. 3%); YG3 (70. 4 - 74. 3); YG4 (66. 4 - 70. 3); YG5 (66. 3 or less) La mb Ca r c a ss & Reta il Cuts C. Composition of Mea t 1) Mea t is Musc le - a lthough other c omponents a r e fa t, bone, c a r tila ge, c onnec tive tissue & ner ves; c hemic a l c omposition of musc le - pr otein (a c tin a nd myosin); miner a ls (ir on, phosphor ous, z inc ); vita mins (B 12, r ibofla vin, nia c in & a ll B - vita mins); fa t (vita mins A, D, E, K) & c holester ol a ) ba sic mea t c omposition - wa ter (65 - 75%); pr otein (15 - 20%); fa t (2 - 12%); a sh (miner a ls) (1%) 2) B a sic N utr itiona l Infor ma tion on Mea ts D. Pr oduc ts 1) Edible Pr oduc ts - Roa sts, r ibs, c hops, stea ks; Pr oc essed mea ts - sa usa ges, lunc h mea ts, ha m, ba c on 2) Edible B y- pr oduc ts - hea r t, liver , tongue, br a in, kidneys, sweetbr ea ds (thymus), tr ipe (stoma c h lining); c hitter lings (intestine), edible la r d & ta llow (c a ndy & ma r shma llows) 3) Inedible B y- pr oduc ts - hides & skins; F a t - r ender ed to ma nufa c tur e soa ps, fa tty a c ids a nd a nima l feeds; fr om fa tty a c ids we ma ke: pla stic s, c osmetic s, lubr ic a nts, deodor a nts, polishes, pa ints, pr inter s ink, c a ulking; B one - glue & fer tiliz er...
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