Cooking mea t cooking mea t both tender iz es a nd

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Unformatted text preview: E. Cooking Mea t Cooking mea t both tender iz es a nd toughens the mea t. Tender iz ing c omes fr om the br ea kdown of c olla gen a nd c onnec tive tissue, whic h usua lly oc c ur s a t high temper a tur es (a r ound 212ºF ), wher ea s the toughening of mea t c omes fr om the ‘ shr inking’ of mea t pr oteins a t lower temper a tur es (140ºF in r ed mea ts, 105ºF in fish), squeez ing out wa ter (N ote: c ut r a w mea t - no wa ter c omes out; c ut r a r e mea t - wa ter dr ips a ll over the pla c e). Cooking must c ompr omise between the tender iz ing of high c olla gen mea ts with the toughening of tender musc le. Tha t’ s why we br a ise a nd boil tough c uts (c lose to the hoof) a nd r oa st a nd br oil tender stea ks a nd loins (fa r fr om the hoof). F . Pr oduc ts F r om Render ing of Anima ls F r om Hides & Wool La nolin (fr om sheep a nd used in lotions to keep your skin soft) Clothing Ya r ns B a seba lls (144 fr om one steer hide) F ootba lls (20 fr om one steer hide) Insula tion Tennis B a lls Ca r pets F r om Intestines Sa usa ge Ca sings Instr ument str ings Sur gic a l Sutur es Tennis r a c ket str ings F r om B ones, Hooves, a nd Hor ns Elmer ’ s glue (r emember , “Elmer the B ull” is the na me of Elsie the Cow’ s “husba nd”) Syr i...
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