Then if the mea t is hung a s r igor mor tis sets in

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Unformatted text preview: is sets in, the mea t will N OT be tough, but ma inta in its tender ness. If a nima ls a r e str essed pr ior to sla ughter the glyc ogen is br oken down a nima lsc ie nc e 2.uc da vis.e du/a ns1/ha ndouts/me a t_pr oduc ts.html 1/4 10/30/13 Me a t Pr oduc ts pr ema tur ely, la c tic a c id is c a r r ied a wa y by the blood, with no pH lower ing, r esulting in ‘ da r k- c utting’ mea t (a n undesir a ble c ondition of da r k, gummy mea t tha t spoils fa ster ). Onc e sold a t a uc tion, a nima ls a r r ive a t the pa c king pla nt; stunned by elec tr ic shoc k or c a ptive bolt; bled out; hides, hea ds, hooves r emoved; inter na l or ga ns (offa l) r emoved for use a s by- pr oduc ts - lea ving behind mea t (musc le), bones & fa t (c a r c a ss). Dr essing per c ent = (c a r c a ss wt/live wt) x 100; typic a l dr essing per c ents: la mbs 50; c a ttle 60; hogs 70. Her e is a video of the sla ughter pr oc ess put out by the Amer ic a n Mea t Institute, na r r a ted by Pr ofessor Temple Gr a ndin. Ther e a r e a few "r ough spots&q...
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