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Audio recorder can be as simple as your cell phone not

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Unformatted text preview: Look at video resolution and output format – ● Cell phones can take rudimentary footage in a pinch Can you attach a microphone? Audio Recorder – ● Can be as simple as your cell phone Not every video needs to have the audio mixed and collected using music recording quality equipment, although it helps! ● Still Photo Equipment for A/V Collection – – Look at the resolution and output format – ● Look for a SLR or DSLR camera Some DSLRs also take decent video footage Lighting – Video cameras often require lots of light ● Use lighting stands whenever possible ● Use reflected light when possible ● ● Look at the “color” of the light, as it significantly affects the footage Use side and back lighting “gently” to create depth of field ● Green Screen Equipment for A/V Collection – Used to create a uniform background that will be replaced later during editing – Common uses of a green screen are on the daily news, behind the anchors, during weather and traffic reports *Studios are simple to *Equipment Needed for a small setup video studio *You want a place that * Tricaster (video switcher) doesn’t have a lot of * Video Camera (look for 1/3 cmos sensor & HD output) (one to three noise * That includes HVAC noise *Often times the set is staged in a corner to maximize space cameras) * MackieProFX (audio mixing board) * As...
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