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Editing using source video and a computer is called

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Unformatted text preview: sources Editing Live to tape, closed circuit or TV is called Linear Editing. Editing using source video and a computer is called NonLinear Editing Story Boarding ● A graphic process to organize a project – – ● Identify the various camera angles needed to tell the story – ● Identify the scenes (video) to be collected Highlight key text/dialogue Pioneered in the 1930s by Walt Disney Studio First started as drawing separate scenes and posting them on a bulletin board Story Board Basics Story Board Basics ● Take a story/video idea – Break it into logical scenes (Sketch a picture of each scene – try to show action/motion) – Sketch the scenes – Add critical dialogue or scene titles – Identify the visual content required for the scene – Identify the audio content required for the scene – Identify camera angles and locations to capture scene – Identify needed equipment Collecting A/V footage ● Content can be collected in many ways – Screen capture – Still photos ● ● Digital Pictures ● – Scanned Edited pictures (photoshop, Gimp, etc...) Video ● ● – Digital Analog Audio ● Either collected with video or separately ● Video Camera Equipment for A/V Collection – –...
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