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Rendering rendering is the process of taking the

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Unformatted text preview: ne the timing of the effect Titles/Credits/Themes ● Title Slides are used at the beginning of the video – ● ● Sometimes after a short “enticer” to get you into the video Credits are used at the end to provide credit to those who participated Themes are quick and easy ways to add a “look” or “feel” to your video – Many applications have themes that are ready to use (cookbook). Rendering ● Rendering is the process of taking the project file and converting it to a self contained file format – Exampls: ● AVI, MPEG, WMV, and FLV – It finalizes the video – Many applications can directly send your rendered video to different video sharing sites *Things to think about before you create a video *What story do I want to tell? *What do I need to do to tell the story? *What do I already have and what do I need? *Who is my audience? *Technical aspects to creating a video *It is possible to produce a...
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