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Unformatted text preview: sorted Microphones (dynamic vs condensor) * Computer with video editing software and audio capture (usb mic) * Youtube account * Lots of light (with the correct color and placement * Backdrop & Set *Creating a Studio *http://youtu.be/XafunNmwtPg *A Few Simple Tips for Becoming a Better Editor A/V Formats ● There are many different formats to store data – Each program may use a different format – With video editing software, specific codecs must be used to interpret the content – A codec encodes a data stream or signal for transmission, storage or encryption, or decodes it for playback or editing. – Codecs are used in videoconferencing, streaming media and video editing applications A/V Format ● Three Considerations: – What kind of video comes out of your camera? This is often referred to as the source video or raw video format. – What kind of video does your video editing program accept? You want to make sure that whatever comes out of your camera is supported by the video editing program you want to use. – What kind of sharing format is best for the online video platform you’ve selected ? A/V...
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