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Unformatted text preview: oard to help Many video editing applications have specific tracks for audio and video content – Allows for the easy application of transitions (roll from A to B) – Allows easy syncing of video and audio – Allows for chroma Key Chroma Key ● Not all editing platforms allow for the use of Chroma key effects – AKA, Green Screen *http://youtu.be/j_Sov3xmg wg Click icon to add picture *3 Point Lighting Adding Audio ● Music and Audio can be added – If you are using an editing platform that uses tracks, just dump (import) your content into the appropriate track and line it up for the best “timing” with the video (synch) – In moviemaker and iMovie, there is an import audio/music option – Make sure your clips are in a format that works with your editing application – You can trim your clips like video Transitions ● Transitions are the movement from one clip to another. – Hard cuts are when not transition is present. As the name implies the clip is cut and the next clip begins. This is the most common transition used – Fade, Dissolve and crossfade are also common ways to transition from one clip to another – Take the time adjust the timing of each transition ● In linear editing the technician rolls the t-bar at the proper rate to determi...
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