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Unformatted text preview: elated questions • Unstructured interviews that resemble normal conversations • Usually structured interviews preferred; bias is possible in unstructured interviews 15 The selection process (cont.) The selection process (cont.) – Paper­and­pencil tests • Ability tests assess if applicants have the right skills for the job • Personality tests seek to determine if applicants possess traits relevant to job performance – Physical ability tests • Measures of dexterity, strength and stamina for physically demanding jobs • Measures must be job­related to avoid discrimination 16 The selection process (cont.) The selection process (cont.) – Aptitude or performance tests • Tests that measure an applicant’s current ability to perform the job or part of the job such as requiring an applicant to take a typing speed test • Assessment centres are facilities where managerial candidates are assessed on job­ related activities over a period of a few days – References • Obtaining relevant information can be difficult to due to legal liability and privacy issues 17 Training and development Training and development • Training – Teaching organisational members how to perform current jobs and helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be effective performers • Development – Building the knowledge and skills of organisational members to enable them to take on new duties and challenges 18 T...
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