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Amultiprongapproachtoexternalrecruiting worksbest 12

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Unformatted text preview: tices and process used to retain staff, and often includes Training and Development, Performance Appraisal and Rewards 11 Recruitment Recruitment • External recruiting – Seeking outside the firm for people who have not worked at the firm previously • Newspapers advertisements, open houses, on­ campus recruiting, employee referrals, and through the Internet – External recruitment is difficult since many new jobs have specific skill needs. • A multi­prong approach to external recruiting works best 12 Recruitment (cont.) Recruitment (cont.) • Internal recruiting – Seeking to fill open positions with current employees from within the firm – Benefits of internal recruiting • Job candidates, their qualifications and availability are already known • Current employees know the firm’s culture and are familiar with the organisation • Internal advancement (promotion from within) can serve to motivate employees 13 Selection tools Selection tools 14 The selection process – Background information • Education, prior employment and study emphasis – Interviews • Structured interviews where managers ask each applicant the same job­r...
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