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Unformatted text preview: ng flexible time off for holy days – Posting holy days for different religions on the company calendar 38 Workforce diversity: Disability – Providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities – Promoting a nondiscriminatory workplace environment – Educating the organisation about disabilities 39 Workforce diversity: Socioeconomic – Widening diversity in income levels – Managers need to be sensitive and responsive to needs and concerns of less materially well off – Single mothers and the ‘working poor’ – Child and elder care provision for working parents 40 Workforce diversity: Sexual orientation – Employment and workplace discrimination – Wide variation in attitudes and laws globally – Discrimination reduces pool of qualified candidates for jobs and departure of valuable team members – Fair and equal treatment of all should be an integral part of doing business 41 Managing diversity effectively Managing diversity effectively – Diverse employees can provide a wider range of creative ideas – Diverse employees are more attuned to the needs of diverse customers – Diversity can increase the retention of valued organisational members –...
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