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Unformatted text preview: ge resides in experts and its application is customized in real time based on clients’ needs 32 EQUITY AND DIVERSITY EQUITY AND DIVERSITY Diversity means – Variety in people based on geography, culture, gender, spirituality, language, disability, sexuality, and age Equity means – Diversity is valued and protected and people from diverse backgrounds are treated equitably and fairly Affirmative action refers to – Policies that address institutionalized discrimination against people of diverse backgrounds by discriminating in favor of people perceived as belonging to categories that are disadvantaged 33 Sources of workforce diversity 34 Workforce diversity: Age Workforce diversity: Age • Australian businesses reluctant to take on older workers • Insufficient help available from unemployment services • Government policies need greater coordination and comprehensive strategy with measurable goals 35 Workforce diversity: Gender • Women well underrepresented in the Australian workplace in senior management • Women more likely to start own business than compete with the ‘boys club’ 36 Workforce diversity: Race • Racial and ethnic diversity is increasing • Important to treat diverse employees fairly • Some employees still reluctant to take on migrant workers despite skills shortages 37 Workforce diversity: Religions • Accommodation for religious beliefs – Scheduling of critical meetings – Providi...
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