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Unformatted text preview: Pay level – The relative position of an organisation’s incentives in comparison with those of other firms in the same industry employing similar kinds of workers 26 Wages and conditions Wages and conditions • Managers use different kinds of pay plans to help an organisation achieve its goals and gain as well as maintain a competitive advantage. 27 INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Industrial relations – The relations between employers and employees Unions – An association of wage­earning employees mobilized and organized in order to represent its constituents’ interests 28 EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS Individual agreement – A form of employment relations underpinned by a belief in the market mechanism – Employment agreements are negotiated directly between individual employee and employer Collective agreement – Interventionist ideology in which a union or a collective negotiates a common agreement between employees and employer 29 Video Video • v=rjkWg9S48Q0 30 HR AND CHANGING COMPLEXITY HR AND CHANGING COMPLEXITY Generations – A postmodern idea in that it states that the values, beliefs, attitudes, and cultural norms of a society are fragmented and centered on time and space – Examples of generations include • Baby boomers (1946–1964) • Generation X or Baby­Busters (1965–1980) • Generation Y or Millenniums (1981+) 31 HR AND CHANGING COMPLEXITY Knowledge: Rather than being embodied in Knowledge: the process or product, knowled...
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