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Unformatted text preview: nguage in which all political and contentious words are removed • For example, the soldier was killed by “friendly fire” – Doublethink: The capacity to hold mutually contradictory views at the same time • “Corporate culture” is a form of Newspeak • Culture is what makes an organization great through design, and is bestowed upon organizational members • It is a must­have 14 PERSPECTIVES OF CULTURE PERSPECTIVES OF CULTURE Integrationist perspective assumes – Strong and commonly accepted culture – Shared organization­wide agreement of managerially sanctioned values – Mainly studied through quantitive surveys that seek to homogenize culture – An integrated culture leads to performance 15 PERSPECTIVES OF CULTURE PERSPECTIVES OF CULTURE Differentiation perspective – More than one culture is likely to be the norm rather than the exception – Cultures come and go – Organizations made up of many cultures, in­groups, out­groups, and other subcultures – Subcultures can become legitimate and dominant cultures 16 PERSPECTIVES OF CULTURE PERSPECTIVES OF CULTURE Fragmentation – Cultures are fragmented, unstable, fluid, and temporary – Always in flux – Studying culture, therefore, requires ethnographic research – Ethnography is ideal because it attempts to understand social phenomena, such as organizational life as it happens and in its own terms • It involves in­depth interviews, participant observation, and detailed case study 17 NAT...
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