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Unformatted text preview: – – Willing and able (R4) Unwilling and able (R3) Willing and unable (R2) Unwilling and unable (R1) 27 28 TRANSACTIONAL LEADERS TRANSACTIONAL LEADERS • Transactional leaders do critical management functions such as role clarification and task requirements, and allocate and provide rewards and punishments • They adhere to organizational policies, values, and vision and are strong on planning, budgeting, and meeting schedules • They are less people focused and more task oriented 29 CHARISMATIC LEADERS CHARISMATIC LEADERS • Charismatic leaders have a motivating effect upon people and are able to create grand visions about an idealized future • They are able to unify people toward that vision and to foster conditions of high trust • They are unlikely to follow through, and can exhibit cult­like behaviors 30 TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS • Transformational leaders inspire change and innovation •...
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