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Unformatted text preview: rs Explain why the influential work of Geert Hofstede is subject to serious criticism 5 CULTURE AND NORMS CULTURE AND NORMS Culture is – Everyday knowledge that people use habitually to make sense of the world around them – Patterns of shared meanings and understandings passed down through language, symbols, and artifacts Norms are – The tacit and unspoken assumptions and informal rules – The meanings which are negotiated in everyday interactions 6 ARTIFACTS ARTIFACTS Artifacts are – Things with which we mark out territory and are symbolic of culture Artifacts can be – The decorations and art in a building – The furnishings and fittings – The styles of clothes that people wear – The types of desks, offices, and computers people use 7 ORGANIZATION CULTURE ORGANIZATION CULTURE Organization culture – Comprises the deep, basic assumptions, beliefs, and shared values that define organizational membership – Refers to the members’ habitual ways of making decisions, and presenting themselves and their organization to those who come into contact with it 8 LEVELS OF CULTURE LEVELS OF CULTURE Level I Artifacts – Ph...
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