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Unformatted text preview: ysical features such as architecture, furniture, uniforms , etc. Level II Espoused values – A person’s or social group’s consistent beliefs about something in which they have an emotional investment as they express them Level III Basic assumptions – The essence of culture – Intangible, mainly unconscious, and tacit frames that subconsciously shape values and artifacts 9 Culture ­ Edgar H. Schein Culture ­ Edgar H. Schein 10 STRONG CULTURE STRONG A strong culture is – One in which the norms and core values are widely shared – All about stories and story­telling • For example, Peters and Waterman’s In Search of Excellence 11 STRONG CULTURE STRONG CULTURE A language game – Is contextually specific forms of discourse participation – Defines members as part of a specific occupational or organizational community – Denotes them as a specific kind of practitioner 12 CULTURE AT DISNEY CULTURE AT DISNEY The Smile Factory – The public smile can be a façade hiding deeper problems – Disneyland has stressed­out workers and managers, and many rude customers – “Seatbelt squeeze” and “Break­up the Party” Culture is not just the accepted way of doing things – Culture can be the deviant behaviors of resistance by stressed staff against a strong culture 13 GEORGE ORWELL AND CULTURE GEORGE ORWELL AND CULTURE Nineteen Eighty­Four and organizations – Newspeak: A form of la...
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