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2005 crossing threshold periods in the retail life

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Unformatted text preview: ch (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. Mitchell, R., Agle, B., & Wood, D. (1997). Towards a Theory of Stakeholder Identification and Salience: Defining the Principle of Who and What Really Counts. Academy of Management Review, 22, 853-886. Neumark, D., Zhang, J., & Ciccarella. (2008). The effect of Wal-mart on Local Labor Markets. Journal of Urban Economics, 63, 405-430. O'Grady, S., & Lane, H. (1997). Culture: An Unnoticed Barrier to Canadian Retai Performance in the USA. Journal of Retail and Consumer Services, 159-170. Palmer, M. (2005). Crossing Threshold Periods in the Retail Life Cycle: Insights from Wal-mart International. European Management Journal, 23(6), 717-729. Palmer, M., & Quin, B. (2005a). Stakeholder Relationships in an International Retailing Context: An Investment Bank Perspective. European Journal of Marketing, 39(9/10), 1096-117. Palmer, M., & Quinn, B. (2007). The Nature of International Retail Divestment: Insights from Ahold. International Marketing Review, 24(1), 26-45. Pattison, G. (2011, February 15). Speech Given at Gorden Institute of Business Science Education. 84 Patton, M. (2001). Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. Porter, M. (2008). The Competitive Advantage of Nations. In M. Porter, On Competition (pp. 171 - 212). Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Pralad, C., & Hamel, G. (1990). The Core Competence of the Corporation. Harvard Business Review, 68, 79-91. Preston, L., & Sapienza, H. (1990). Stakeholder Management and Corporate Performance. Journal of Behavioral Economics, 4(19), 361-375. Reed, M., Graves, A., Dandy, N., Posthumus, H., Hubacek, K., Morris, J., . . . Stringer, L. (2009). Whose in and Why? A Typology of Stakeholder Analysis Methods for Natural Resource Management. Journal of Environmental Management, 90, 1933-1949. Reinartz, E., Dellaert, B., Krafft, M., Kumar, V., & Varadarajan, R. (2011). Retailing Innovation in a Globalizing Retail Market Environment. Journal of Retailing, 1, 5366. Rowley, T. (1997). Moving Beyond Dyadic Ties: A Network Thoery of Stakeholder Influencies. The Academy of Management Review, 22(4), 887-910. Rugman, A. (2009). Theoratical Aspects of MNEs from Emerging Economies. In R. Ramamurti, & J. Singh, Emerging Multinationals in Emerging Markets (pp. 42-63). New York: Cambridge University Press. Rumamurti, R., & Singh, J. (2009). Emerging Multinationals in Emerging Markets. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 85 Savage, G., Nix, T., Whitehead, C., & Blair, J. (1991). Strategies for Assessing and Managing Organisational Stakeholders. Academy of Management Executive, 6175. Schilling, M. (2000). Decades Ahead of her Time: Advancing Stakeholder Thoery Through the Ideas of Mary Parker Follet. Journal of Management History, 6(5), 224-242. Stiglitz, J. (2006). Making Globalisation Work. New York: Norton and Co. Stoian, C., & Filippaios, F. (2008). Dunning's Eclectic Paradigm: A Holistic, yet Context Specific Framework for Analysing the determinants of Outward FDI - Evidence from International Greek Investments. International Business Review, 17, 346367. Sundaram, A., & Inkpen, A. (2004). The Corporate Objective Revisited. Organisation Science, 15(3), 350-363. Top Companies. (2011, June 24). Its Business as Usual. Financial Mail, pp. 72-73. Uusitalo, O., & Rokman, M. (2004). First Foreign Grocery Retailer Enters the Finnish Market - a Stakeholder Model. Journal of Retail and Consumer Services, 11, 195206. Verbeke. (2009). International Business Strategy : Rethinking the Foundations of Global Corporate Success . New York: Cambridge University Press. Vida, I., & Fairhurst, A. (1998). International Expansion of Retail Firms: A Theoratical Approach for Future Investigations. Journal of Retail and Consumer Services, 143-151. 86 Wal-Mart. (2011). Retrieved from www.walmart.com/, on 6 July 2011. Walton, S. (1992). Made in America: My Story. New York: Doubleday. Whysall. (2001). Wal-Mart's take over of Asda: what the papers said. British Food Journal, 103(10), 729-743. Whysall, P. (2000). Addressing Ethical Issues in Retailing: a Stakeholder Perspective. The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 14, 305318. Williams, D. (1992). Retailer Internationalisation. European Journal of Marketing, 8-24. World Bank. (2011). Retrieved from www.worldbank.org/, on 30 June 2011. 87...
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