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Jonathan Jaklitsch Anthropology 143 2/7/08 Calderon Hopes U.S. Shifts Lead to Immigration Reform The article “Calderon Hopes U.S. Shifts Lead to Immigration Reform” by an anonymous writer from the Los Angeles Times described how President Felipe Calderon of Mexico wanted the United States to focus more on immigration reform. Calderon openly supports immigration plans that allow Mexicans to earn money in the United States and send it back to their families in Mexico to help boost the Mexican economy. Calderon stated, “My hope is that whoever the next president is, and whoever is in the new Congress, will have a broader and more comprehensive
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Unformatted text preview: view of the immigration problem.” Basically, Calderon supports any plan that helps Mexico in the greatest way. This is not something that politicians disagree with however. A weak Mexico increases the drug traffic through the country and also into the United States. Also, a weak Mexico could lead to a communist state bordering the U.S. These two outcomes are the last things that the U.S. wants to envision, so it is likely and it is important that the new immigration reform helps Mexico become a more prosperous country....
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