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MKTG341 Chapter 2

Sherman antitrust act federal trade commission act

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Unformatted text preview: ion Act Clayton Antitrust Act State Unfair Trade Practices Acts Robinson-Patman Act Wheeler-Lea Act Lanham Trademark Consumer Goods Pricing Act Various deregulation laws pertaining to specific industries Legislation Affecting Marketing Protect Consumers Pure Food and Drug Act Automobile Disclosure Act Kefauver-Harris Drug Amendments National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act Fair Packaging and Labeling Act Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Acts Consumer Credit Protection Act Consumer Product Safety Act Consumer Product Warranty Act FTC Improvement Act Nutritional Labeling and Education Act Children’s Television Act Can-Spam Act Do-Not-Call Implementation Act Technology Impacts IImpactslifestyles, mpacts Impacts lifestyles, consumption consumption consumption patterns, consumption patterns, economic well-being economic well-being Starting Starting New New Industries Industries Altering Altering Altering Altering Existing Existing Existing Existing Industries Industries Affects How Affects How Marketing is Marketing is Carried Out Carried Out Stimulates Stimulates Markets Markets and aand nd and Other Other Other Industries Other Industries Technology Enables New Ways of Doing Business E xternal Microenvironment Internal Environment Operating Environment Key Concept 1. What are the levels of external forces? Give examples and describe in details....
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